Joey Janela Comments On Big Cass Incident At WrestlePro Show

Noted earlier today, Big Cass (aka CazXL) had multiple incidents take place backstage at last night's WrestlePro show at the Rahway Rec Center in New Jersey.

The event was put on to say goodbye to owner, Pat Buck, who wrestled his final match with the promotion as he's now working for WWE as a producer. Cass was a surprise for the event as part of a battle royal.

Back in July, Joey Janela and Enzo had an altercation at a Blink-182 concert and Cass apparently had issues with that last night. Cass threatened Janela backstage, possibly getting into a physical confrontation, although, the latter part wasn't one-hundred percent confirmed.

The two were in the same locker room the night before without issue. On Twitter, Janela has since commented on what happened last night.

"Not gonna elaborate at all on this whole deal besides that it was probably the [most bizarre] situation I've ever seen, let alone been a part of in a wrestling locker room in 15 years," Janela wrote. "Everything was cordial and friendly [on] Friday and I hope the dude gets back on the right track."

Due to the event going on there were plenty of police nearby with the police station right next to the venue. Cass was taken out of the building, police reportedly searched his car, and at that time Cass began yelling things that caused concern enough to get an ambulance to transport him to a hospital.