If you missed the previous episode of Being The Elite, here’s the recap.

* Cold open starts with Matt and Nick talking about their new shoes from Pro Wrestling Tees. Nick says he learned how to use Photoshop, and when Matt questions him he says, “Us EVPs don’t go to college.” Nick goes on to say he may have made the best shirt design of all time, and they are live on PWT. Matt is not impressed, and Nick says they will be one of the best-selling shirts by next week. Nick proclaims they will make the shirts on their own now, DIY, while Matt crosses his fingers when he says he likes the shirts.

* SCU are together in New Jersey for one of their last independent shows. They received a package from AEW with a note that brings up their TV debut on October 2. They get a comic book (Turok and Tarzan), a kid doll and a dinosaur. They all represent Jungle Boy, Luchasaurus and Marko Stunt. A laugh track plays as Kazarian talks about beating up on a Cabbage Patch Kid when he was young. They look through the box again to see if there are any other props that represent other AEW teams. They say it is on again as an applause track plays.

* Private Party are on “Instagram Live” waiting for people to join in. Among the viewers are Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Wesley Snipes, Eminem, Dr. Dre, Drake, Will Smith, Marty Scurll, Rihanna, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Chris Jericho, Cardi B, Oprah and Kevin Durant. A Young Bucks fan asks if they are supposed to be getting ready for the Bucks instead of partying. Private Party then shoots, stating there’s no pressure, and that the Bucks are too successful. They say the Young Bucks aren’t hungry anymore and there are two new Young Bucks in town. Before they leave they take a drink from clear cups (pointing out that it is not water), and promote their match against Matt and Nick on October 9. “We’ve got shots to take and girls to date.”

* Matt and Nick are talking about Private Party’s video with Brandon Cutler. They call them liars and ask Cutler if they’ve changed. Brandon hesitates and the Young Bucks want to know what he thinks. He points out they’ve made money (all three are working out in a private gym), and states that wrestling hasn’t been that important to them. He also brings up their status on the PWI 500 and says they lost their killer instinct. Matt storms out and Nick is upset about the PWI ranking. Brandon says there goes one of his contracts.

* BTE Mailbag with Kenny Omega once again, sitting inside with sunglasses on, and in front of a big poster of himself on the cover of last year’s PWI 500. He doesn’t answer a question and a text thread is shown between him, Matt and Nick discussing recent comments he made about NXT. He says he always gets himself in trouble and thinks he should get a PR guy. Kenny says whether in character or not, he owes the fans and the wrestlers an apology. He goes on to say once he crosses a line there’s no un-crossing it. Kenny hopes everyone accepts his apology.

* The “cameras turn off” and Kenny changes gears, saying everyone is going to buy it and calling people SOB’s. He says there’s so much damage done already and “TK” (Tony Khan) is fuming. Kenny goes on to say he sees comments from burner accounts on Twitter, which he knows are from other wrestlers being “they are even bigger marks than the people who fill the seats.” He welcomes any attack, stating he’s not hiding. Kenny gives credit to “some ROH guy” named Donovan (Dominik Dijakovic), stating he’s not even used. He called him “Donovan D*ckhead” and makes fun of Triple H’s loyalty to the NXT guys. When Jon Moxley was mocked nobody cared. Kenny then goes off on people saying other stars have done more for the industry than he has, bringing up his records and how people in Japan are still trying to be the next Kenny Omega.