Killer Kross' character is a unique one as is his approach to wrestling. He draws on harrowing experiences to mold his character and he talked more about his approach to wrestling during an interview with Chris Van Vliet.

"One thing that I really have always tried to do is create an emotional engagement and a response, to understand the purpose of what we are really doing out there and for me it's always been to illicit emotion and engage people with the art of storytelling, the oldest stories in the world, light vs dark, good vs evil and so forth. I grew up in that time when 80s horror films, and early 90s horror films, they didn't make sense and that was unsettling. Remember how things used to be? I think that really scared people because in life, the things that really bother us are the things that create uncertainty," said Kross.

"It's like you've been walking down this street your entire life, you know exactly where everything is, and then one day you walk down and everything is different. It's just something as simple as that, it freaks people out, they feel displaced. So, I've always tried to create that kind of atmosphere in what I've been doing."

When asked which wrestlers inspired Killer Kross while he was growing up, he threw out the name of a WWE Hall of Famer.

"A lot of people will always throw out one name for a political reason," said Kross. "Like, a lot of the guys in the business will say that their favorite wrestler was a specific person because they are afraid they are going to get heat from someone who is above them being like 'Why would you mention that guys name? He never drew any money' you know? I really had a ton of favorites but not to be redundant, I mentioned Warrior. As a child, I had a manic amount of energy. More so as a child, I could scale this wall. I just identified with high energy characters and back then, 80s and 90s, there was a lot of high energy stuff."

Kross' real name is Kevin Kesar but he sometimes blurs the lines between his character and is real-life self. He talked about separating Kevin Kesar from Killer Kross.

"I'm not Killer Kross but Killer Kross is definitely a real thing and I think people would agree that when they go to the shows they are getting something very visceral, very carnal, and very real, in the way that we can use that word for this, out of him. So, we put him away until the music and the lights start," stated Kross.