Rob Van Dam isn't the only pro wrestling veteran who made a return to Impact Wrestling as Ken Shamrock also returned for the first time since 2004. RVD talked about The World's Most Dangerous Man rejoining Impact when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"I'm excited about it. I like Ken; I respect Ken. I haven't seen him in years – maybe once in 15 years. It's exciting to know that he's coming," RVD said before adding that he met Shamrock in 1991 when he was wrestling as Vince Carelli.

"The boys told me that he was the last guy you'd want to mess with because he won the last five Toughman contests in the city."

RVD then told a story about how Shamock backed Manny Fernandez into a corner physically one time and that won him the respect of the boys because Fernandez was a known tough guy and didn't want anything to do with Shamrock.

Both RVD and Shamrock share more than just seniority in the Impact locker room as they both also have problems with Moose. RVD discussed the issues he has with Moose.

"Overall I like him and respect his path. But he does have some things to learn as a lot of the guys do….He's still on his way up and Shamrock, he's been around as long as me. So experience goes a long way," stated RVD.

"But I like Moose. I think he's got a lot of ability. I saw the promo he did on Shamrock and what he said was exactly what I said to Moose…I'm glad to inspire and glad I can rub off on everybody. That's what being an OG is all about. Hopefully I'm not done being in the ring with Moose because I would still like to teach him a thing or two myself."

Impact Wrestling is headed to Las Vegas this weekend and Vegas isn't like another home for RVD, it is home as he explained.

"First off, I love Las Vegas so much that I actually moved here at the beginning of the year," revealed Van Dam. "When I said it's a very rewarding time to be RVD, I mean in every single way. If you've ever seen my girlfriend Katie Forbes, Google her immediately, and you'll agree with me that it's very good to be RVD.

"I have a dream house and I love in paradise. I'm so happy in every way."

RVD added that fans are familiar with Sam's Town as the place for pro wrestling in the city. He said it will be his first time in Sam's Town but he'll have a hometown advantage since it's practically his backyard.

"I'm sleeping in my bed the night before, with Katie Forbes by the way, and it will be a short drive to go to the arena. Shoot, I might even do my ninja stretching beside my pool before I go," said RVD.

RVD can be seen every Friday night as part of Impact Wrestling on Twitch and Pursuit. Impact will present their latest TV tapings this weekend in Las Vegas. For more tickets and more info please visit

RVD's full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of today's episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In it RVD discusses what brought him back to Impact Wrestling, the injuries that are still nagging him, his upcoming stem cell surgery, working with Impact management, Ken Shamrock's return to Impact Wrestling, moving to Las Vegas and more.

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