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Starting Tuesday, October 1st, AXS TV will air each of Impact's biggest pay-per-view events from this year, which will lead up to Impact's weekly televised premiere on Tuesday, October 29th. To see the full schedule of which pay-per-views will air, click here. Impact Wrestling will still be airing its weekly episodes on Fridays until October 29th on the Pursuit Chanel and Twitch (online).

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Welcome to the go-home show before Bound For Glory! The first match of the night is announced.

Michael Elgin vs. Fallah Bahh (w/TJP)

The match starts with Bahh going for a strong clothesline. Elgin counters with a suplex. Bahh swings Elgin into the ropes and follows it up with a crossbody. Elgin connects with an enzuigiri and then a German Suplex. Elgin goes for a kick to the back of Bahh's head. He also lands a clothesline on Bahh. Bahh with a Samoan Drop, goes for the cover, and Elgin kicks out. Elgin takes advantage of the distraught Bahh and plants a sitdown powerbomb. Goes for the cover and picks up the win.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Post-Match: Elgin DDT TJP on the outside. He grabs a chair, puts TJP's head through it and slams him and the chair into the ring post. He isn't done just yet. Back in the ring, Elgin takes the badly injured TJP and plants him down on the mat with an Elgin Bomb. He is sending a message to Naomichi Marufuji.

After that brutal beat down, the second match of the night is announced!

Jake Crist vs. Chris Bey

Bey flips over the ring and lands right on top of Crist on the outside. Back in the ring now, Crist fights back with a crucifix submission. Bey gets out of it. Bey with a hard elbow. Crist lands three solid superkicks. Bey comes flying with a hurricanrana. He yells out "Come on Jake." Crist is in a haze and Bey lands a kick. Crist gets back up and sits Bey on the top rope. He lands a super cutter and goes for the cover. Crist wins!

Winner: Jake Crist

The Impact Plus Moment of the Week is shown right after. It's DJZ, Dezmond Xavier & Andrew Everett vs. Drago, Aero Star & King Cuerno at WrestleCon 2018

After the Impact Plus Moment of the Week, Alisha Edwards and Ace Austin run into each other. She thinks that Austin is too overconfident in thinking that he is going to win the X-Division Championship on Sunday. He says that he wants her to go celebrate with him after he wins. He asks her to promise him that she'll go. She agrees, but doesn't sound like she wants to.

Impact Knockouts Champion Taya Valkyrie is talking to someone, but the audience can't see who. She is trying to hype herself up for her big title defense against Tenille Dashwood on Sunday. It turns out she was talking to her reflection in the mirror.

Up next, some triple threat action!

Josh Alexander (w/Ethan Page) vs. Rhino (w/Rob Van Dam) vs. Rich Swann (w/Willie Mack)

Rhino tries to put Alexander in the corner, Alexander reverses. Rhino in the corner now, gets kicked a few times. Swann makes his way over and takes down Alexander. Rhino Irish Whips Alexander into the corner. Alexander fires back with a rolling elbow. Swann up on the top rope. Page climbs up to the apron and stops him from attempting what he was going to do. Willie Mack makes his way over to confront Page. Swann flies to the outside and takes out Page. Rhino in the ring lands a Gore on Alexander. He goes for the cover and the referee gets dragged out of the ring by Page. Swann goes to the top rope, lands a 450 splash on Alexander. Goes for the cover and grabs the win!

Winner: Rich Swann

With the tension building up towards the Impact World Championship, Sami Callihan makes a video about why he deserves to be the champion on Sunday. He backtracks and tells the tale of how he was always looked down on throughout his career for not being the "typical wrestler." He pours his heart and soul out in this haunting clip about how he never meant to hurt Melissa Santos a few weeks back. All his life, he just never knew how to fit in, and when he tries, he always screws it up. He begins to cry. All he wants is for the world to accept him for who he is. But, he looks at the camera and says that it's the world that created this monster that lingers inside of him. And that if people can't accept who Callihan is, then they can go "fk themselves."

Back to the ring now, the fourth match of the night is the final X-Division Qualification Match!

Rohit Raju (w/ Gama Singh) vs. Sabu (w/ Super Genie)

Raju starts it off with a strong forearm. Sabu fires back with a clothesline. Genie throws in a chair and Sabu uses it on Raju. Raju with a sliding dropkick, then a side Russian legsweep. He goes for the cover and Sabu kicks out. Sabu sets up a table on the outside between the barricade and the apron. Now, both men are in the ring. Genie stops Singh's interference by hitting him with a chair. Sabu on the top rope, flies off and lands a double leg drop on Raju. The referee begins the count. Both men don't make it back into the ring in time. This match ends in double count out.

Winner: Draw Due to a Double Count Out.

It was announced that both Sabu and Raju will be part of the X-Division Ladder Match for the championship on Sunday!

And now, the main event!

Intergender Over The Top Rope Battle Royal

The winner will enter the "Call Your Shot" Battle Royal At BFG last. The runner up will enter first. Here are the participants:

Eddie Edwards, Rosemary, Havok, Kiera Hogan, Jordynne Grace, Johnny Swinger, Adam Thornstowe, Luster The Legend, Raj Singh, Mahabali Shera, Cody Deaner and Cousin Jake.

Havok throws Kiera Hogan out of the ring. She is caught by Cousin Jake. He holds on to her and then drops her on the ground. Hogan is eliminated. Raj Singh thinks that he has eliminated Cody Deaner, but both men's feet have not touched the ground. Havok from the inside pushes them off the apron. Singh and Deaner have been eliminated. Standing behind her, Mahabali Shera and her start screaming at each other. Rosemary from behind jumps on Havok's back and puts her in a rear-naked chokehold. Rosemary eliminates Havok. She laughs at her and Havok pulls Rosemary by her hair and she lands downwards. Rosemary and Havok are eliminated. Now, the final four. It's both members of Reno Scum, Shera, and Eddie Edwards. All three men gang up on Edwards. Adam Thornstowe accidentally eliminates his partner Luster The Legend. Edwards then eliminates Thornstowe. Both members of Reno Scum are eliminated. Not too long after, Shera from behind grabs hold of Edwards and throws him over the top rope. Edwards is eliminated.

Winner: Mahabali Shera

Shera will enter the Battle Royal last. Edwards will enter first.

That concludes this week's episode. We hope that you enjoy Bound For Glory on Sunday, live at 8 PM EST. Below is a video package to hype fans up for what's to come!