As previously reported, this past Monday's RAW garnered the third lowest audience for a non-holiday episode in modern history. The third hour - which featured a "Divorce Court" segment with Lana, Bobby Lashley and Rusev in the main event slot - was down 17% from the first hour, and had the fourth lowest third hour for the show in history.

While the segment was not a success on television, it has been a big hit on YouTube. As of this writing, the segment, which you can watch in the video above, is at nearly 4 million views. It is the most watched video on WWE's YouTube channel from RAW or SmackDown since Braun Strowman brawled with Tyson Fury on RAW earlier this month. However, the "Divorce Court" segment is only a day old and will garner a lot more views over the coming days.

As of Tuesday evening, the "Divorce Court" segment was #30 on the list of trending videos on YouTube.

WWE co-president George Barrios has stated in the past to investors that over 70% of their YouTube views comes from overseas. The geographical breakdown for the "Divorce Court" segment is not available.

The storyline has received polarizing reactions from fans. As we reported over the weekend, Lashley revealed that he has received death threats from fans over the angle.

"I get very, very bad comments, ones I don't want to say on camera right now," Lashley said. "Vulgar, death threats, there's a lot of things - but, ya know, I'm not a hard person to find and if anybody has anything to say about me, they can just come and see me. Not saying I'm going to fight every fan that disapproves of what we're doing, but I'm not going to back down to stupidity."

Joshua Gagnon contributed to this article.