House of Glory (HOG) is a wrestling promotion in the Northeast that was founded by former Impact X-Division champion Amazing Red. Rapper Master P then took over ownership and performers such as The Young Bucks, Rikishi and Melina have made appearances for the promotion.

But Master P has his sights set on another big name in wrestling who just happens to be the biggest free agent in sports entertainment. Master P let it be known on Instagram that HOG is interested in CM Punk and wants him to appear in the promotion in 2020.

"I told y'all 2020, HOG House of Glory. We doing it big," said Master P. "I'm telling y'all what's gonna be so different and so unique. I told y'all we playing chess.

"Imagine me going back and getting a guy like CM Punk. I could make him a star. Holla at me man. House of Glory."

There hasn't been a response from Punk yet and, as of now, the only wrestling interest on his part is working for WWE's FS1 studio show. Punk auditioned for WWE Backstage for a role in which he would work alongside Renee Young and Booker T.

The audition reportedly went well but no announcements have been made by WWE or Punk himself regarding him officially landing the role.

Outside of calling for CM Punk, Master P also called out Vince McMahon after acquiring ownership of HOG, "Vince McMahon, you in trouble, cause I'm about to take over wrestling."