Yesterday, Cody Rhodes made an appearance at Southside's 9th Anniversary event in the UK where he announced AEW had signed former English boxing Olympian, Anthony Ogogo, 30. Ogogo won a bronze medal (Middleweight division) at the 2012 London Olympics and retired from boxing (11-1) in 2016.

Rhodes later tweeted about the new signing, noting that Ogogo will be the first developmental project for AEW.

"I'm thrilled about this signing. Anthony will be our first developmental project as a company. For those who followed his boxing career and saw his Olympic acumen, you'll be happy to see he's now applying that passion and work-ethic to pro-wrestling training. Welcome, Anthony!"

During yesterday's show, MJF got in the ring to steal some of Ogogo's thunder, and ended up getting knocked out. Ogogo then took a selfie with a floored MJF and commented about his signing, "This is what happens when jumped up little mugs try to spoil my announcement night. Ogogo is ALL ELITE."

In the comments, former WWE Superstar Wade Barrett (a bare-knuckle boxer before his wrestling days) commented, "Badass mate."

"Thanks big man, I think I'm going to need you to teach me that BULL HAMMER. Yea, I need that in my arsenal. Boooooooooom!" Ogogo responded.