ODB Talks AEW Beating NXT's Ratings, How WWE Is Booking Eric Young, Her Food Truck Business

Everyone in the wrestling industry seems to fall on one side of the ledger when it comes to this new era of wrestling wars between WWE and AEW. ODB made her name in TNA/Impact but it's clear where she leans when she was asked about AEW beating NXT in ratings when she spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"That was pretty bad ass. I like it. I like the guys in AEW right now that I worked with like The Young Bucks, Daniels and Frankie and Cody. It's just awesome to see those guys develop something. It's all about the boys and the fans," said ODB.

"It's f***ing awesome."

Someone who ODB worked extensively with in Impact was Eric Young who is now with WWE. He hasn't gotten lots of camera time recently and ODB shared her thoughts on WWE's usage of EY.

"I like the serious, but funny EY. I think he needs to bring that back although it's hard to tell WWE what they need to do. He's such a great talent and we had awesome chemistry. We wrote our own sh*t and had fun in the ring which is what a lot of people don't have anymore," stated ODB.

"Oh my God, those are my favorite memories in wrestling with me and him. He needs? not the goofiness of EY but they need to bring back just a little bit of the comedy side. He's a hell of a worker and they need to do something. Maybe a little reunion with us? That would be kinda cool [laughs]."

She added that she would never want to go somewhere and be anyone other than ODB. She thinks you have to let the wrestlers be themselves as that's what got them hired in the first place.

In recent years ODB has begun to transition away from wrestling and into the food truck business. She revealed how that all came about.

"It's kinda funny as my lifestyle became my brand. ODB became me, after a few drinks. Food brings people together and I love entertaining in and outside the ring. Every time I cam home from the road, I would party with my neighbors in the driveway," said ODB.

"Then the barbecue side, I actually did a cooking show with my buddy Joey Fatone from NSYNC. It was called My Family Recipe Rocks and he and his crew came to Minnesota and we taped it with my style kinda campy cooking."

She then got a call from a sauce company that helped her launch that brand when she was taking a wrestling break.

"I hopped in my airstream trailer and went on a Barbecue Tour. I went to Sturgis, Daytona Bike Week, Galveston, Texas, Louisiana – I went everywhere just to promote my sauces," said ODB. "I was meeting great people and someone was like, 'You need to get a food truck.' I didn't really think about it but it made sense. I pretty much slid right into the food truck business and that's what I normally do ? just go head first into a lot of stuff.

"My first year with the food truck was a sh*t show but I figured it out [laughs]."

ODB has launched an IndieGoGo campaign where you can help replace her Meat & Greet food truck, which burned down recently, with a brand new Meat & Greet 2 truck! For more info and to make a donation please click here.

Her full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of today's episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. Featuring ODB discussing her Meat & Greet food truck burning down, frustrations with the lack of investigation into it, her AEW All Out appearance, working with Jazz and Nyla Rose, AEW beating NXT in the ratings, WWE's booking of Eric Young and more. You can check out past episodes of the WINCLY here. Subscribe to Wrestling Inc. Audio on iTunes or Google Play. Listen to the show via Spotify here or through TuneIn here.