It's been almost one year since Roman Reigns shocked the WWE Universe by revealing that he has leukemia. He successfully returned to the ring in March 2019 but has yet to even receive a title shot, although he states that's no longer what drives him.

Reigns talked about what does drive him today when he was interviewed by

"Before it was always 'I want to be on top and I need to stay at the top,' but for me, there was just something about this year where participation was like being in a title match," Reigns said. "There's just been something very poetic about just being there, being healthy enough to be there, being able to participate and be present, bonding with my friends, creating for the live crowd."

Reigns was one of the most polarizing Superstars in WWE history before his leukemia revelation, but those boos have mostly been replaced by cheers since then. He talked about the change in crowd reactions since he returned.

"I've enjoyed the reactions I've been getting lately," Reigns said. "It might not be quite as noisy as it can be at all times, but it is a positive reaction and I have enjoyed switching it up."

Because he's been out of the title picture lately, that has opened up new feuds for Reigns as well as new matches. He discussed working with different guys than what he is accustomed to.

"Sometimes you can fall into a bit of a groove, obviously working with Brock quite a bit and a few other household names we've been in the ring with quite a bit. Me being in the ring with guys like Buddy Murphy or Erick Rowan, newer faces who haven't gotten quite as much time, that always winds up being a good match for me. As long as I can continue to perform and go out there and put my time in for the fans, that's great," Reigns stated.