- In the video above, The Bella Twins read Nicole+Brizee reviews. Nicole+Brizee is a line of beauty products from The Bellas Twins.

- The Rock commented about his HBO show Ballers. The last episode will be airing tomorrow. He tweeted, "I've played a few characters over the years that have been anchored deep in my DNA so it's as if I'm just being myself. I've had a helluva time playing this man. Thank you all for this amazing 5yr run. Last episode ever of @BallersHBO airs tomorrow night on @HBO."

Below is The Rock's tweet:

- Matt Hardy had to deal with a troll on Twitter who was not just targeting him, but his wife and kids.

He tweeted about the situation, "Here's a textbook example of why the Twitter community can't always have nice things. Pitiful lil' sweetpea @PunxStarstruck thinks it's ok to make innocent children their "next target" publicly on @Twitter. Seems to be time to report & revoke their Twitter licenses."

Below is Hardy's tweet: