On last week's episode of AEW Dynamite, wrestling fans got to witness the crowing of the first-ever AEW Women's Champion. Fans were thrilled and amazed that Japanese sensation Riho became the first woman to officially strap the title around her waist after defeating Nyla Rose.

When the match was over, Rose wasn't too happy about the loss and began taking her frustrations out on the new champ while she was being interviewed. Before his main event match, Kenny Omega ran down to the ring to protect his friend and protege. Rose and Omega began pushing one another, which had many fans wondering if that was leading towards a future intergender feud.

While speaking to the media after the event, AEW President Tony Khan stated that they were not trying to set up an intergender feud by having Omega come down to the ring. Instead, the story was supposed to be that Omega was coming out to protect his protege from getting attacked post-match.

"That was not what that was," Khan began. "It wasn't supposed to be set up like that. It was more like a big moment for his protege Riho. Kenny's very involved in the women's division and then for that to happen, that wasn't what was supposed to happen. That's why he was going in and clearing it up."

Speaking of Rose, Khan says that even though she is considered to be one of the top female stars in AEW, she'll have to continue proving herself each week, by racking up more single wins if she wants another shot at the AEW Women's title.

"Wins and losses definitely will come into effect (for future title opportunities)," Khan said. "At the Women's Casino Battle Royale, she eliminated 11 contestants. Nyla's performance was outstanding. I thought it was a star-making performance, and that's how she got this opportunity (to face Riho). Even though Nyla has not officially won a singles match, I think Nyla is going to have to win some matches now, or win next year's Casino Battle Royale to get another shot."

In addition to female wrestlers, another big named talent, Awesome Kong, was not featured on the premiere episode. Khan reassured everyone that she will be part of the weekly episodes soon. On Wednesday, she was focused on coaching the women's tag team match that happened when Dynamite went off air.

"She was actually coaching the women's tag team match (after the show went off-air)," Khan announced. "She was sitting right next to me. She's been backstage a lot. You'll be seeing her again soon. I won't say when or where."

You can watch Tony Khan's Post-Dynamite media scrum above. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.