Back in May, WWE Referee Charles Robinson had more than $50,000 worth of horror movie memorabilia stolen from his storage unit, which contained about two-thirds of his overall collection. The stolen items are still missing.

"I was really shocked when I opened the storage unit door and noticed that the place was a mess and stuff was missing," Robinson told The Charlotte Observer. "I seriously felt like it was a nightmare, and once I realized this was really happening, I felt sick to my stomach. Then I got angry once I didn't get any assistance from the storage company."

Robinson said he had planned on passing down the collection one day to his daughter.

In July, The Soska Sisters, Jennifer and Sylvia, who have worked with WWE Studios in the past, offered to donate props from their past horror films to help begin a new collection for Charles.

With Halloween right around the corner, FOX46's investigative reporter Matt Grant and Sean Morris of Morris Costumes surprised the WWE ref with some new items to add to his collection.

"Man, I am, I am actually very speechless. ... You almost got me to cry," Robinson said once he saw the items.

Some of the memorabilia included a series of rare Dracula masks made in the 1980's to a brand new IT mask.

You can check out the full story in the video below.