At last night's AEW Full Gear (results here), AEW World Champion Chris Jericho retained the title after Cody's corner man, MJF, decided to throw in the towel to end the match. Jericho had Cody in the liontamer, stomping away at Cody's head when MJF made the call to end the match. Afterwards, MJF turned heel by kicking Cody between the legs.

The stipulation going into the bout was if Cody didn't win, he would never challenge for the the title again. With MJF's inclusion it may have blurred what Cody could do going forward, but according to PWInsider the story will be that Cody can't go for the title.

During Cody vs. Jericho, Cody dove out of the ring and on the metal ramp that was connected to it, Jericho moved out of the way and Cody ended up landing hard on the ramp, causing him to have a nasty cut above his eye. Reportedly, the match could have ended there, but Dr. Michael Sampson checked on Cody during the match and said it could continue.

"Hangman" Adam Page may have suffered a stinger in his match against PAC, but it was believed he'd be good to go for Dynamite. No other serious injuries were reported after the show.