Over the last few weeks, Matt Hardy has posted the first episodes of Free the Delete on his YouTube channel, teasing the return of his “Broken” Matt Hardy gimmick. In the video above, Hardy is visited by his former allies, like the Skarsgard and Vanguard-1.

“Teleport me back to 2016 when I was the hottest act in the business!” Hardy says to Vanguard-1 to no avail.

Hardy’s last WWE TV appearance was back in June at WWE Super ShowDown. His WWE contract is expected to expire in March.

Back in September, Matt commented on how he’d like to finish up his WWE run with “Broken” Matt Hardy, possibly even use different characters at one time.

“I would love to do something to transition to that on to TV, into another character, and into another character, and then ultimately get back to doing ‘Broken’ Matt Hardy,” Hardy said. “I would like to incorporate V1 at some point because I feel like people bereave the Matt facts and the entrance music. I do to a degree, so that’s something in my game-plan. But there’s also new stuff, I have a couple of other new things in the back of my mind, too, that I would like to utilize.

“I would like to be this crazy, constant stream of change character on television, and almost like you said, when I use that would ‘multifarious’ earlier on, like someone who has all of these identities in his body, within his mind … I would love to do something like that because I feel like as entertainment changes, and especially professional wrestling, you can’t be the same thing for too long. People’s attention’s spans are so short, there has to be a constant, gradual change going on at some point.”

Below are episodes one and two of Free the Delete: