Matt Hardy Comments On His Future In Pro Wrestling

Matt Hardy's WWE contract ends around March of next year and the 44 year old WWE Superstar has previously noted he has some "hard decisions" to make in the coming months.

Last year, Hardy took a break to heal up back/hip/pelvis injuries and recharge his batteries. During that time, he got into incredible shape and made a return in February, alongside his brother, Jeff Hardy.


Yesterday on Twitter, Matt replied to an individual who believed the internet had ruined pro wrestling.

"I disagree," Hardy wrote. "The internet hasn't ruined wrestling, but it's def changing it. In my opinion, the industry has to be more creative & shrewd in the way stories are told, while blurring the lines of reality & fantasy between athletic matches & entertaining content. The 'net forces evolution."

A fan responded to Matt by saying he always felt like Hardy could be on the creative side of wrestling, "I've always felt that your true calling was as a promoter or in creative?and that's saying something because you're a very talented wrestler."

Matt appreciated the compliment, but felt the years he still has left to wrestle are exactly how he plans to spend them, rather than behind the curtain, or on the bench. Since Jeff Hardy went down with a knee injury in late April, Matt has been pretty much left off WWE TV, although he's kept busy on social media with his new "You don't understand how hard it is to be Matt Hardy" gimmick, and doing a parody of the AEW World Title getting stolen.


"Thanks, Sam. Appreciate that," Hardy wrote back. "I can't say I disagree with you. For the few years I have left as an in-ring performer, I wanna kick ass & contribute to the industry-not sit on the bench."