Last week a report in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter came out that Kenny Omega was stopped from entering Japan for a third time since leaving New Japan Pro Wrestling, earlier this year. Omega was headed to the country to appear at DDT Pro Wrestling Ultimate Party 2019. The report also noted there was an attempt to ban Omega from the country for ten years.

After arriving in Japan, Omega commented on Twitter, "Somehow, I've made it. See you all soon."

It should be noted in the original report there was no mention of NJPW being the ones who attempted to block Omega, just more about the timing of when Omega's travel problems began.

Earlier today, NJPW President Harold Meij posted some thoughts on NJPW's website, including the "unbelievable rumor" of NJPW having any involvement with Omega's travel issues. The follow comments were translated in English by @thesuperjcast Twitter account:

"By the way, there's this unbelievable rumor going around that NJPW tried to prevent Kenny Omega from entering Japan, there's no way a company (meaning New Japan) could do that, no reason to do that or would even want to do that," Meij wrote. "I just thought I'd address it because I want to be clear about these things. It was a rumor spread by someone's wild speculation. Kenny Omega made a huge contribution to New Japan and we wish him all the success in the world."