Ric Flair Discusses His New Adidas Shoe Line, Being A Pop Culture Icon

WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair has become somewhat of a pop culture icon in recent times and it's very clear to see the influence he has had on Offset, one-third of the rap group Migos – who recently appeared on WWE Smackdown dressed in a pink Flair robe before Charlotte's match against Sasha Banks.

During the debut episode of WWE's new podcast "After The Bell", host Corey Graves had Flair on as a guest and asked the former 16-time world champion about his influence in pop culture.

"It's great," Flair said. "When Offset reached out to me and said do you want to do this. I said, yeah and I was flattered. You know what it's just something you never anticipate.

"It's one of those where it's great to be successful in your career and whatever your endeavor in life, but to have that respect and appreciation from people in other walks of life, and doing other things, is the ultimate compliment to your success and what you have accomplished in your line of work.

"So when football players and teams want to use 'To Be The Man' I'm flattered by it and it's a unique situation and it doesn't happen to many people.

"I didn't like Hollywood I gave that a go and my hat's off to John [Cena] and Dave [Batista] and of course Dwayne [Johnson] but those are long hours no fun, take, retake, and I got that saying one take, Naitch."

Graves then moved the conversation on to rumors about the fact that Michael Jordan isn't going to be the only guy from Carolina to have a shoe deal in place, noting Adidas coming into an agreement with Flair.

"We're just working out the line, I've already seen pictures of the shoes and everything; and once again they're jumping into the pop culture part of it and they're gonna be really nice.

"Footwear now is not only for sports but there's footwear for leisure and they're gonna look really nice. To be in the same price range as the Air Jordan's and some of that stuff it will be for the people that want to spend that kind of money and look nice but it's another opportunity to add to your brand which is a word that's used a lot right now especially for the young kids; and it's important that they follow it.

"I mean whatever Charlotte is doing now is stuff that they'll be able to fall back on the rest of her life. The WWE affords you that, here I am 70-years-old and still relevant not only within the music industry and stuff like that but within the company because of 2K and their continued ability to push what's old is new again; and that applies to a lot of things in life. To me personally, it's been great. "

Flair appeared at Crown Jewel last Thursday with his team of Randy Orton, Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, Shinsuke Nakamura, and Drew McIntyre falling in defeat to Team Hogan, which consisted of Roman Reigns, Rusev, Ricochet, Shorty G, and Ali.