During a media call for NXT TakeOver last week, Triple H was asked to weigh in on Superstars who complained or requested their releases via social media. Triple H isn’t a fan of talent doing this and stressed that the business is “professional wrestling and the keyword there is professional.”

Ryback discussed those comments and why some Superstars take that route on his podcast.

“He’s full of sh*t. F***ing bullsh*t. They are the least professional motherf***ers on the planet and there’s a reason why talent goes on there and do that and it’s because of how they treat human beings and their f***ing policies,” said Ryback.

“I’ve seen Hunter avoid talent for meetings. I needed to meet with him and he tried avoiding me the entire day overseas when I had to put over Kalisto on a show in England. Vince McMahon wasn’t in the arena. I had to wait all damn day. He did not want to have that meeting and they lie to your f***ing face. That is why talent go on social media. Then they f**k with your pay and that whole bullsh*t pay scale there with the talent and book you to lose, literally your money goes down. It’s fake. It makes no f***ing sense of how the pay scale works over there. They also treat you differently from when you are being pushed to then you putting over talent, which is just asinine. The entire environment is f***ing bullsh*t. I call bullsh*t on that all day long. He is full of sh*t.”

Ryback said the one who isn’t professional is the WWE and that the best way for a Superstar to get their release is to constantly vent on social media.

“They will release you if you just keep it up and are loud enough. You have to keep going. You can’t just do one thing. You have to keep pushing the envelope. They will release you from your contract if every day you keep putting that company on blast for the bullsh*t that they do,” stated Ryback. “That is where the talent is f***ing up when they are not committed to be released right away. You can get released in a week there right away, it’s not hard. Jordan Myles, again, I would have gone a different route, but that may have just been his way of getting out because he wanted out that bad too.”

He then continued to blast Vince McMahon and Triple H and reiterated how bad a work environment WWE is.

“Again, I’ve had many conversations with Triple H and Vince McMahon. Triple H is just a different type of bulls**tter than Vince, but Vince has handed him down some principles and philosophies. It is their company and they can run it however they want, but I have said this from day one, if they treated people as human beings and treated people with respect and got rid of all of the bullsh*t the talent would be so loyal to them. They punch you in the face and then expect you to kiss their a** we don’t have to put up with it anymore. There are other options,” said Ryback.

“That work environment that they have created, that negative work environment is the worst environment. I never want to be in that environment full-time ever again. It is absolutely pure hell and anybody that is there, all the boys and girls know it, but they all want to make the most money that they can so they all put up with it. Hunter is different than Vince McMahon in different ways, but I have dealt with enough of his bullsh*t and it’s just a different form of bullsh*t.”

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.