WWE Confirms Jordan Myles Is No Longer Under Contract

Earlier today ACH, f.k.a. Jordan Myles, took to Twitter and implied that he had been released by WWE. Wrestling Inc. reached out to WWE regarding his status and we were just told, "He is no longer under contract."

With that, Myles is no longer with the company and will resume doing shows under the name ACH.

ACH has already been advertised for a few independent shows, including for Heavy Metal Wrestling tomorrow night in San Antonio and for Pro Wrestling Revolver on December 27th in Des Moines, IA.

Earlier this week ACH took to Twitter to announce he was quitting WWE, writing, "As of today, I'd like to officially announce that I quit f–king WWE. I am no longer employed. I refused to work for racists. I f–king quit, f–k them. I hate that f–king company and everything they f–king stand for. All they ever did was hold our people back. I do this s–t for the culture. I don't need anyone's f–king permission to do what I want to do. Screw Jordan Myles, don't ever call me by that slave name. Call me ACH and don't forget the 'Super', b—h. I quit, f–k you!"

On yesterday's NXT media call, Triple H commented on WWE talents airing their grievances publicly.

"I don't understand people airing issues," Triple H said. "If you have one talk to us. If you put that out there in the media that's not a way to go about business. If I had a complaint with a talent I don't go on Twitter and complain to them, I speak to them. I've never understood that process if it's legit."

"There's a silliness to it, a maturity issue of it's not how you handle business. Anybody that is out there that is serious about it [gaining their release] that's talking on the internet, using their phones, you handle your business like a professional.

"We're in professional wrestling and the keyword there is professional. That's what we are trying to change about the business and make people more – professional."

Darren Wood contributed to this article.