Ryback Talks WWE Talent Asking For Their Releases On Social Media

The latest episode of Conversations with The Big Guy, saw host Ryback welcome Wrestling Inc.'s Raj Giri as the pair discussed WWE Superstar Sin Cara requesting his release from the company.

During the podcast, Ryback said that he liked Jorge Arias a lot and spent time with him when the pair were training in the former WWE developmental territory Florida Championship Wrestling. Ryback discussed Arias' mentality and his worth ethic.

"Since the beginning, I have seen him, he works really hard, he has always had a great attitude," Ryback said. "People have to understand that the original Sin Cara that came in bombed horribly and that was on with the original Sin Cara, Mistico, and he was nice. I got along with him and was around him briefly, but he was always friendly. The language barrier was a huge thing with putting on matches, but that did not go with the push that they wanted the direction of the character to go in.

"Then Jorge stepped in, that was the guy who originally should have gotten the type of push. He is liked and respected by everyone in the locker room and he would have 100% been able to do what they wanted him to do with that character, but from the beginning as soon as he took it over they never put the effort into it that they did originally and life's not fair and this and that, but he never got what he should have gotten with that character originally with what they put in.

"He has always done business. I have worked with him plenty of times. He never b—hed, never complained and always went out and do whatever he could to make it look as good as possible and he is a very selfless wrestler. He knows how to get himself over and do things when he is allowed to and whatnot. I have seen him. He puts in the work at the gym and loves pro wrestling. The guy is a tough little bastard. I'm not saying he needs to be in the main event but they never put the amount of effort."

WWE RAW Superstar Sin Cara took to Twitter recently sharing that he requested his release from WWE.

He noted that he was grateful for the opportunities he's received from WWE, but he feels like he's stuck in a place where he's not valued as an athlete or a talent. He feels like he's been loyal, respectful and a team player, and has waited patiently for the chance to show the world what he can do, but after all these years he feels like that chance isn't coming while he remains with WWE.

Recently there has been a spate of WWE talent taking to Twitter to express their desire for a release from WWE, including Superstars such as Luke Harper and Mike Kanellis.

Commenting further on the situation, Ryback went on to state that the lack of respect shown to talent who are not in the inner circle is a major problem within WWE.

"The lack of respect they [WWE] give to so many of the guys," Ryback said. "Especially guys that have tenure there who have helped you make the guys that you are investing in, even more, that is the part of wrestling that really upsets me, they treat you like you are not a winner if you are not winning, but it's fake. It's the most ass backward community I have ever seen in my life.

"That is the system that they [WWE] try. They want you to feel insecure and to not speak, they want you to do whatever, so I believe, and he is a man who I have no doubt in my mind that he has had conversations with Vince McMahon and Triple H, for him, if he is going on social media and doing it, this was his way of saying f–k you to you guys, you're not listening I'm just going to put it out in public now you are going to acknowledge it one way or another and he gets to go home.

"He is not the kind of guy that will b—h and cry in the locker room. He will go right up to them and tell them himself. I know the type of guy that he is. It's not a Jordan Myles situation where he wants attention or anything like that.

"This company has walked all over pro wrestlers for so long. The power to have more than one company to work for, the talent need to man up more than ever, but again, it's a case by case basis. I waited until I had enough money where I was confident and was going to be okay to do what I wanted to do and I had to wait until a certain point and I had been fed up far before that, I'm sure he is at a point where he is financially comfortable enough to take a chance. A guy like Mike Kanellis who hasn't been there that long, you are taking more of a chance doing that, but I commend doing it."

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