Savio Vega has over 30 years of pro wrestling experience as a wrestler and as a road agent. He’s worked for WWE, TNA, IWA in Puerto Rico and recently joined MLW.

Vega talked about what led him to join MLW when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“I’ve been living in Puerto Rico since I left WWF in 1999. We opened IWA in Puerto Rico and by 2007 we closed the company. But we reopened it this year 20 years after originally opening it,” Vega said as an update on where he’s been lately.

“But I’ve been keeping busy wrestling here and there. Now I’m in MLW and I love the company and the opportunity they give me to work with the talent. I like the production so I’m happy to be with this group.”

Vega and MLW founder Court Bauer crossed paths in WWE and Vega was asked about being able to work with Bauer again and the rest of the MLW team.

“They are wonderful people and they know what they’re doing. The talent is phenomenal and they focus on doing what they love which is wrestling,” Vega said before adding that he just got back from Tijuana with MLW and he loves seeing the energy MLW brings.

“The company is growing step by step and I feel it will be a success. Court is focused on the things he wants and the talent is stepping up. I love it. I love this company.”

MJF also currently works for both MLW and AEW. Vega spoke glowingly about him as a performer.

“I wrestled with him in Ohio; good hand. I also saw him in Tijuana the other day in a tag team. That kid is another superstar and also the tall guy [Richard Holliday]. That team is great. I’ve been watching them because I know I’m gonna be working with them as either an agent or in the ring. So I need to watch what they’re doing, how they’re doing, how I can help them to take another step up in their careers,” stated Vega.

He added that his expertise at the moment is working with young talent. He also put over Dr. Tom Prichard and the others working at MLW and how they will take the company to the next level. He then brought up one of those aforementioned kids whose father Vega competed with.

I was talking to one of the Von Erichs and I was telling them hints and tips and he said, ‘That’s exactly what my dad says to me.’ ?I love that tag team already and we all remember their uncles were big stars, their dad too, and I see the kids on another level,” stated Vega.

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