WWE Superstars Confirm They Made It Back From Saudi Arabia, Land In New York City

As noted yesterday the remaining WWE Superstars and crew that were delayed in Saudi Arabia were scheduled to land at JFK Airport in New York City this afternoon. Montez Ford, Angelo Dawkins, and Ali have commented on Twitter that they have done so successfully. Plane landed at about 12:52 pm ET, according to Wade Keller.


The RAW talents who were stuck in Riyadh can either continue home and then turn around to travel back to New York City for Monday's RAW at the Nassau Coliseum, or they can stay on the road in New York City and go home after RAW.

We've noted WWE confirmed flight issues coming out of Saudi Arabia, which has led to a number of blue brand Superstars missing last night's SmackDown. NXT stars were flown in from Florida, making it to Buffalo at 7:55 pm ET and required a police escort to get to the arena in time.

Ford posted a video of himself and Dawkins at the airport and wrote, "We made it! God is good. Celebration time."

Dawkins commented, "We back fam."

Unfortunately for Ali, he was looking to get back home, but didn't make his connector flight once arriving in NYC.


"Please, no falsies. Just straight through. Take off, plane. Take off," Ali wrote in a series of tweets. "Oh no, here come the falsies. Missed connection flight to home. Match continues. FLIGHT FOREVER."