Earlier this month, Booker T named The Rock as one of the best promo guys of all time. On The Hall Of Fame With Booker T & Brad Gilmore, the WWE Hall Of Famer had a chance to respond to fans who did not like his comments praising The Rock.

“The comments I got for putting The Rock over was unbelievable. I could not believe the negative comments I got for saying The Rock was the best guy to ever do it. That’s my opinion guys. You can have your opinion,” expressed Booker T. “I think The Rock did it as good or better than [anyone] has stepped up to the mic. That’s just my opinion.”

The Rock voiced his opinion on Twitter reciprocating praise for Booker T calling him “the best pure athlete performer.” Booker T appreciated The Rock’s comments while also voicing his respect to him for what he has done for the wrestling industry.

“Appreciate man. That’s real talk. The thing is, The Rock and I, we’ve never broke bread,” revealed Booker T. “It’s not like he and I are buddies or anything like that, but I respect the man to the utmost for what he’s done for the business as well as for what he’s doing out in Hollywood representing the guys who actually put on a pair of boots once or twice in their lives. I appreciate you for putting me over.”

Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz added to The Rock’s comments also praising Booker T, and Booker T talked about the respect he has for Gewirtz.

“That’s crazy man. You never know how people feel about you until you hear it,” said Booker T. “That’s the first time Brian has ever formulated those words and actually said something like that about me because we’ve never talked like that. We knew what was special. I knew how good he was. He didn’t have to tell me how good I was.”

Booker T talked about how The Rock, with help from Gewirtz, was able to give the fans what they wanted and do something special.

“When I first came into WWE and The Rock told me ‘it doesn’t matter what your name is’. A lot of people made it seem like I didn’t know he was going to say that but that’s the art man,” said Booker T. “It’s not about me. It’s not about what I want. It’s about going out there and giving the fans what they want each and every night.

Booker T also told a story about a fan interaction where the fan told him about special he was to them.

“That speaks volumes to me. It tells me I did something good. I did something perhaps special. If It touched one life, it made a difference to that one life. It’s been all worth it. All 30 years of it. It’s been one heck of a ride.”

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