As a four-time Raw women’s champion, a five-time SmackDown women’s champion and also a former NXT women’s champion, Charlotte is on the cusp of history. She just needs to win the WWE women’s tag team titles to etch her name alongside Bayley as the only female Grand Slam Champions in WWE history.

Charlotte talked about that possibility when she joined Corey Graves’ After The Bell podcast.

“Looking at the year I’ve had and going into TLC for the tag-titles there’s such an interesting dynamic to this knowing the magic that I have had with Asuka and Becky and now adding Kairi Sane to the mix. I am just going into the pay per view wanting to steal the show,” said Charlotte. “These are the times that I just want to excel and make some kind of history. Winning the tag-titles I would be the second [women’s] grand-slam winner in WWE history. It’s just another opportunity I guess to see where it can go.”

Charlotte and Andrade went public with their relationship earlier this year so we may be approaching their first Christmas as a couple. She talked about their plans for the upcoming holidays.

“Well, for Christmas I am going to Mexico. Andrade and I have our New Year’s plans but other than that it hasn’t been that exciting. I feel like the fall has been a lot of tours, so being able to travel to South America, Europe, Australia, China, it’s just been great, especially since I’ve been on the main roster for a few years now. Oh, I did media in India for three days. That was probably my best experience I’ve had. It’s like, wow, people know me all around the world, it’s crazy,” said Charlotte.

With both being wrestlers, the couple can critique each other’s matches and wrestling styles. Charlotte discussed the ways in which Andrade has helped her in the ring.

“He made me super nervous when he critiqued me, but the one thing that he continues to work with me on is take your time in those moments and be Charlotte Flair. It’s crazy because he comes from a Lucha Libre background and it’s so many moves and he’s just reminding me who I am and bringing out a level of confidence. That was something before each big match where I was just hitting these gear changes and bringing out this intensity that he was just talking about with me and that just stuck with me. We don’t say, oh, let’s go to the PC and work on 3,000 suplexes or new moves, it’s the in-between parts and moments and taking my time that I continue to work on with him, which is crazy,” stated Charlotte.

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.