Alex McCarthy from talkSPORTS recently spoke with Cody Rhodes about AEW.

When asked about former WWE star Luke Harper, Cody said that he would be great in AEW. Luke Harper was released by WWE earlier this month.

"He would be great as part of AEW," Cody Rhodes revealed. "He's a name that when you hear they've asked for their release, you definitely think about that and the next steps, for sure. I think he's going to flourish with what he does next, he's very special."

Cody was also asked about Marty Scurll since his Ring of Honor contract expired in November.

"Marty is going to do what Marty is going to do," Cody said. "We all love Marty. Anything he does in the next few weeks or months, I wouldn't look at as permanent for him. He's very much testing the waters here and there and that's pretty much all I can say on Marty."

Below are Cody's quotes: