It appears that the recent flirty tweets between Batista and Dana Brooke were not just to troll the internet.

Brooke appeared on The Bump this morning and confirmed that she will be going on a date with Batista soon, although she didn’t specify exactly when.

Apparently their brewing romance due to an episode of Ride Along, where Brooke kept getting rejected when asking men out while driving with Mojo Rawley. Brooke said that a fan saw Batista’s tweet about being single again as well as Brooke on Ride Along and “put two and two together.”

“This is all backwards, right? You try to keep your relationships on the down low and hush-hush for a minute, this is completely opposite,” Brooke noted. “Everything is out there in the open, and I’m like, ‘What’s going on!?’ This is crazy to me!”

Brooke added that she would be open to having their date filmed.

“I would love that,” Brooke admitted. “Dave and I, we understand each other’s lifestyles, we understand each other’s schedules. I love to support someone that is driven to their job and is passionate about what they do. We can relate on so many different levels as far as training and fitness. He also knows about the business and WWE.

“I love his movies! I watched Stuber on the airplane on my way to Europe,” Brooke said. “It’s crazy, maybe you’ll see me at his next movie premiere, you never know.”

In case you need a recap of how the Batista – Dana Brooke date came to be, you can check out this “TV-MA” recap that aired on WWE Backstage below:

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