Last week on Raw Seth Rollins called out Team Raw for dropping the ball at Survivor Series which allowed Team NXT to get the win. It unofficially marked Rollins’ heel turn and Dave LaGreca of Busted Open Radio discussed it when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

“It’s not a full heel turn, it’s like a hint of a heel turn. If you listen to what he was saying, [Team Raw] was not good at Survivor Series. They came in last ? they got beat by SmackDown and NXT. He said I sleep, eat and breathe this show and you let me down. There was some truth to what he said but the way he said it and presented himself was very heelish. And obviously a big absence with Becky Lynch not being at ringside on Monday,” LaGreca said before adding that he would like to see Rollins with AOP.

“I think Seth needs an attitude change; I think everyone would agree on that. If he gets a little help and starts a faction, so be it. What it was is it ended in a cliffhanger and the best Raws end in a cliffhanger and it makes you wanna tune in next week. By the way, I thought that was one of the best Raws in a while so I’m interested to see what happens next.”

In the Survivor Series main event Lynch represented Raw in a champions triple threat match against Becky Lynch (SmackDown) and Shayna Baszler (NXT). Baszler emerged victorious but LaGreca wasn’t necessarily a fan of that match and said it fell flat.

“Some of the matches were a hard act to follow – there were really good matches on Sunday. Becky actually said on a exclusive that she doesn’t care about the brand. She doesn’t even understand why it’s a thing. So, it’s kinda hard to buy into a brand supremacy match when there’s nothing on the line but brand supremacy and the big star of the match saying it really doesn’t matter,” stated LaGreca.

He added that there were some chemistry issues because Baszler hadn’t worked with the others. He also said that Bayley seemed out of place and it should have just been Baszler vs Lynch.

LaGreca was then asked if Brock Lesnar vs. Rey Mysterio should have closed Survivor Series.

“Probably, I would agree with that or one of the Survivor Series matches. I just think that the Triple Threat Match just fell flat,” said LaGreca. “It didn’t really give you anything special. Then at the end with Shayna winning and NXT getting the victory ? and then her getting beat down by Becky ? you’re not gonna get a follow up from that because Becky’s on Raw and Shayna’s on NXT. So, what are you setting up there? There can’t be a follow up there so it just lacked the energy.”

Busted Open Radio celebrated its 10 year anniversary earlier this year and LaGreca plans on sticking around for coming years. He talked about signing a new multi-year deal to remain with Busted Open Radio.

“I’ve still got some salt in my eyes from getting Mr. Fuji’d by Tommy [Dreamer] and Bully [Ray] when I signed my deal,” joked LaGreca.

“I thought it would be a little professional but it was the quintessential pro wrestling contract signing. But I’m glad to me inked in with a multi-year deal with SiriusXM and Busted Open.”

LaGreca then joked that if Bully Ray put him through the signing table, then he would have went to HR.

“It wasn’t so much about me as it was them,” LaGreca said on re-signing with the show. “I created the show and we just celebrated 10 years of having the show on the air. The show has never been more successful and I’m not going anywhere. I’m a lifer and I’m just happy that they appreciate me enough to ink me in for a few more years.”

LaGreca has been around since the beginning of Busted Open Radio and was asked about his fondest memories of the show.

“That 10 year anniversary party where we packed the house. They were actually gonna call the fire marshal because the bar we were having it in before WrestleMania 35 was packed. To know that the fans love it enough that they wanna be a part of it and then guys like you, Nick, my contemporaries that they appreciate it ? that means the world to me,” said LaGreca.

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