Earlier this month, WWE made it official with announcement of John Morrison returning to the company after leaving eight years ago. Morrison has been at the WWE Performance Center this week to get some reps in, which you can see in the photo and videos below.

"8 years since I've been in a @WWE ring," Morrison wrote in the caption. "Real ropes ain't the same as the cables I've been doing my stuff on since I've been away—the @WWEPC is epic! I can't imagine a better spot to knock off that real rope ring rust."

Morrison also joined this week's WWE The Bump where he took a few shots at other WWE Superstars and commented about why he felt like now was the right time to return to WWE.

"When I left in 2011, I meant to take a year off," Morrison revealed. "I wanted to take a year off, I wanted to make some movies and do my own thing for a little bit, and that year turned into eight years. It's crazy how fast the time flew and part of it was because I was having a lot of fun wrestling for these other places. And every time you wrestle for another place, you sign a contract, and then they want to have you sign for longer, and extend and extend.

"I felt like I was really a big part of these organizations, I was like the guy, the brand ambassador, and it was cool having all that autonomy. Why did I come back or why did it take so long? I think I was just having so much fun doing what I was doing and I always meant to come back here, and it was at this point when I realized, man, I better get my ass back to WWE before ten years goes by because time is flying."