As seen above, WWE has released a new video package to look at the romance between Lana and Bobby Lashley. Tonight's RAW episode from Hartford, CT will feature the wedding of the two.

On a related note, we noted earlier this month at this link how WWE's Kayla Braxton tweeted to express how she was not a fan of the Lana - Lashley storyline on RAW. This led to a response from Lana on Twitter, which you can read at that link.

Braxton took to Twitter tonight and said she didn't want to attend tonight's wedding.

"What would Lana and Bobby Lashley's couple name be? Blana? Lobby? Oh and @LanaWWE I appreciate the wedding invite and I totally would have gone but I didn't want to," Braxton wrote.

Stay tuned for live RAW coverage at 8pm EST by clicking here. You can see Kayla's full tweet below: