Matt Sydal Praises The Lucha Brothers, Says Today's Pro Wrestling Is The Best There's Ever Been

Matt Sydal recently took part in an event called Storecade where he teamed with AEW's Darby Allin to take on the Lucha Bros. Before that matchup, Brian Wohl of Wrestling Inc. caught up with Sydal where he discussed wrestling the Lucha Bros in a small and intimate environment at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

"They're my favorite wrestlers on earth," Sydal said of the Lucha Bros. "So, what I like about this is that there's barely any room for the ring to fit in there so it's gonna be intimate, up close and personal. Pentagon and Ray Fenix, that's kinda their environment they thrive in and it's perfect because that's what I was looking for too."

Sydal said the goal of all the members of the match was to redefine perceptions of pro wrestling with the unique but similar styles that they all bring to the ring.

"We're redefining all of wrestling and changing all of the old stereotypes. We're changing people's perception of wrestling and that's the intention tonight ? to show them what wrestling is about. You don't have to tell them, no, we're gonna show you what wrestling is today. It's the best wrestling that's ever happened and everyone's gonna enjoy it," stated Sydal.

The Lucha Bros ended up being victorious over Sydal and Allin after the brothers hit a package piledriver on Sydal for the pin.

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