Corey Graves made some headlines recently by criticizing the way Charlotte has been booked recently and also calling out Charlotte herself. He said it sometimes looks like she’s going through the motions and her stardom has taken a step back as of late.

Paige discussed if she has the same feeling about Charlotte when she joined After The Bell.

“You can just see she oozes the stardom in everything she does. As soon as she walks into a room you know that she is a somebody. She is the one that really stands out on our roster but I agree, I feel like there is something that is missing right now and I can’t put my finger on it,” Paige revealed.

Charlotte was involved in a Last Woman Standing match at WWE Evolution in 2018 in what was the first women’s only PPV in WWE History. However, Evolution wasn’t brought back for 2019 and Paige talked about wanting it to return.

“I don’t understand why we don’t have another all woman’s pay per view. We had that one-off deal, WWE Evolution, like, what the hell is that about? Give us one ever year,” Paige said. “That is the whole purpose. We had a women’s evolution for a reason. You know what? Let’s stop talking about the women’s evolution, let’s just let them do whatever they want and I just feel like a lot of the girls are being held back. I love the Four Horsewomen, do not get me wrong. I love Sasha Banks, Charlotte Flair, Bayley, and Becky Lynch I love them all, but there is a lot of women that should be given an opportunity.

“Like, I’m excited for Liv Morgan to return. It’s like, yes, some fresh faces. I love seeing Nattie Neidhart, I love seeing Lacey Evans, I love it. I love it all, but as much as I love those four there are other women in the company.”

Paige then implied that the creative given to the women on the main roster could be a reason for the perceived lack of good storylines for the women’s division.

“Of course, I am SmackDown through and through but I enjoy watching the NXT’s women division more now, honestly. It’s not the girl’s fault, it’s got nothing to do with the girls. They are trying their best on both Raw and SmackDown, but I feel like whatever is going on its not helping them in any way, shape or form. It’s not as exciting to me anymore,” Paige stated.

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.