It's been over four years since Sting wrestled a match and since then he's been inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. He officially announced his retirement when he was enshrined but in a recent interview Sting stated he would be open to coming out of retirement for a match with The Undertaker.

A Sting vs. Undertaker match has been talked about for over 20 years now but it's never come into fruition. Ryback discussed how WWE should approach Sting's desire to work with Taker when Wrestling Inc's Raj Giri joined Ryback's podcast.

"What I do think WWE should do is that if they tease that they are going to do it and have the encounter in the ring and I think let those two tag up together for one last match possibly against two young guys. That is the best-case scenario. Do not put that stress on those two at their age to go out there we have already seen what happens with two guys [that age]," said Ryback.

He is referencing the Undertaker-Goldberg match at Super ShowDown which was critically panned, in part, due to a concussion suffered by Goldberg. Taker is now a year older and Sting is seven years older than Goldberg and neither WWE nor its fans want to see another disappointing match like the Super ShowDown one.

"I think the Sting and Undertaker match is a little different than the Undertaker vs Bill Goldberg match. We have seen what can go wrong with that and nobody wants to see that with those two. But I think if you give them two smaller young guys and let them have the entrances and have those two teaming together for one last WrestleMania, I think that is a very awesome magical moment. It will give us the best chance to have a decent match and preserve everything with their legacy," stated Ryback.

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