Yesterday we asked you to rate (scale of 0-10) WWE Universal Champion Bray Wyatt’s run in 2019. For those who gave a number, the average came out to about a 6.7, although if “upvotes” were counted the average would have been a bit higher.

The lower grades feel like it’s been a bit over the top with the red lighting during the matches not helping. The higher grades applauded Bray’s creativity and ability to come back as something fresh and new. Obviously, winning the title and being the number one merchandise seller doesn’t hurt either.

Thanks to everyone who responded, here are some of the top comments:

Walk with Elias:

“It’s been different/interesting but it needs to evolve some not repeat the same old shtick for months and months on end. Also, while I appreciate them trying to red light thing it just doesn’t work and most fans seem to hate it.”


“I think it’s great. Matter of fact, it’s the only thing interesting on the main roster, period. I don’t watch RAW or SmackDown, but I’ll always watch Fiend/Bray highlights. Could do without the annoying red light during the matches, though.”


“5/10 for me. Good moments. But most of those moments just remind me of the cult leader gimmick that should have worked five years ago. They always seem afraid to go really big and fully pull the trigger with bray. Very questionable booking and it seems they just wanna debut new merch at this point. I get it, it’s business over story with WWE nowadays. I’m not insane I do see why it’s being so embraced as it is something very different at least.”


“Well let’s see….he left as a near universally regarded wasted potential case. Came back, changed everything and went on the most captivating segment streak that made people stunned it was WWE booking It so perfectly. A bump in between, but the previously misused Bray has become WWE Champion, main events every SmackDown and is one of the most anticipated aspects of the show. Add top merchandise seller, and you get an A- or an 8 for me. Stopped from being A+ due to the Hell in a Cell debacle and the damn red light. But Bray’s potential of being one of the most memorable ever is back on track.”

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