The Blue Meanie Reveals Which ECW Star Was The Most Fun To Travel With, Recalls "Cylinder Of Sin"

The Blue Meanie had a nice run in ECW and is best known for his time as part of the bWo. He talked about who he enjoyed traveling with the most while on the road when Meanie spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.


"I don't know if he was my favorite or just amusing but it was Balls Mahoney because anything could happen," revealed Meanie. "Anything with him from just air-drumming or you walk into a room and he's naked. I've seen more of Mahoney than anybody? and there's some things I won't even repeat in public.

"He was the most interesting roommate. Everyone else was tame compared to Balls Mahoney."

Meanie was then asked who his least favorite travel partner was.

"I really didn't have a worst person because most of the time when you're rooming on the road it's just for a couple of hours. If you're rooming with somebody then you're also riding with them. If you're willing to spend that many hours in the car with somebody, then rooming should be easy," said Meanie.


One of the most infamous travel lodgings ECW performers visited was nicknamed the Cylinder of Sin. It was in Philadelphia and Meanie talked about the weird things he saw there.

"It's very spherical and they really needed to put a condom over the entire building. It should be condemned or detoxified. It's a really tall building and it's so bad that the elevator broke so they only rent out the first four floors of a 30-story building," said Meanie.

"One weekend you go in there and check in your room and you open up the door and see a chalk outline. Or one weekend there's a kid floating in the pool. Who knows?"

Meanie was a sidekick of Raven in ECW before forming the bWo along with Stevie Richards and Nova. He was asked if there could ever be a reunion between the four of them.

"I would love to do something. It's up to them. I'm down, I'm game. I think the last time we were together was a couple of years ago for WrestlePro in Jersey. It was a Royal Rumble type thing where all four of us were in the ring for the first time in 20 years. It was one of those rare instances where the promotion took advantage of having us all together," recalled Meanie who added how it was cool because they entered the Rumble match one right after another and the crowd started to pick up on that.


Meanie then talked about working with Raven and how he helped him improve his promo skills.

"Raven used to do the thing they do in NXT now with the skull sessions. He would have me stand in the middle of the room while he sat there and he would yell out subjects. 'Hey Meanie, do a promo on this or that.' His critiques were harsh but he was right," stated Meanie.

During the interview, Ricky Morton dropped by and said hi to Meanie and Meanie discussed his history with one half of the Rock 'N' Roll Express.

"I've known Ricky before pre-Blue Meanie. I used to wrestle every Thursday night in Indianapolis, Indiana in a car garage, but it was gimmicked with drywall to make separate entrances and laser lights. We maybe got 75 people in there but it felt bigger. Ricky was always on those shows and he would always take me aside to give me advice," said Meanie who would later meet up with Morton in ECW and Morton recognized him as "the kid from Indiana."

At 63 years old, Morton can still perform The Canadian Destroyer as seen in AEW recently. Meanie was asked if Morton has the best Canadian Destroyer in all of pro wrestling.

"Absolutely. I can't do it," admitted Meanie. "The fact that he's doing that ? I should step up my game. I'm doing something wrong."


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