AEW Uses Dark Order Botch As Part Of A Storyline

One of the biggest criticisms to hit AEW in their short time on TNT is an unfortunate botch that occurred a few weeks ago. During The Dark Order's attack on The Elite during the closing moments of an episode of Dynamite, one of the masked henchmen threw several punches at Dustin Rhodes that clearly hit nothing but air and the clip went viral but not in a good way.


That prompted The Young Bucks to quit Twitter and numerous people in the wrestling industry from many different promotions called out the bad spot. AEW had the option of trying to ignore it but it appears they have incorporated the botch into a storyline on their YouTube channel.

In a video, Evil Uno is talking to the off-camera Exalted One and he promises their leader that everything will be taken care of in regards to The Elite. As Evil Uno gets up to leave, Exalted One makes him stay and says, "I want the weak one gone" at which a clip of the botch is shown.

Evil Uno then says, "It will be done" and the video cuts to The Dark Order speaking to "the weak one" who is off-camera.

"Look at me. Did you think we wouldn't find out? Do you work for someone else," asks Evil Uno. "Why did you join The Dark Order? Why did you show weakness?


"I'm disappointed in you ? you showed so much potential. Why did you do it? Just tell me, I want to know the truth."

He then calls on Stu Grayson who delivers a single punch to metaphorically knock the weak one out of The Dark Order as the video cuts off.

The decision to make the botch into a storyline seems to be well-received by AEW's fan base as nearly every comment on the YouTube video is applauding the company for doing so.