Carmella Addresses Rumors About Dating John Cena, Getting Plastic Surgery

WWE began a new series called "If It's on the Internet" where WWE Superstars will address rumors about them. In the video above, Carmella addressed the rumors of her dating John Cena, having plastic surgery, if she caused Corey Graves' divorce, and more.


In regards to her connection to John Cena, Carmella says say hardly even knows the WWE Superstar.

"That is so far from the truth, I barely even know John Cena, but because we both live in Tampa, people thought we were dating?" Carmella said. "Yeah, that's completely fabricated."

In early 2019, Corey Graves' ex-wife accused Graves of having an affair with Carmella, although the two had been in the process of divorce and they had been separated for awhile.

"I would never in a million years do that," Carmella stated. "When we first started dating, he was already going through the process of divorce. He lived alone. He had his own place. So, that rumor is put to bed."

Carmella then addressed if she'd had plastic surgery.


"Well, that's true, I've had breast implants," Carmella confirmed. "But my favorite part is people thought I had plastic surgery on my face, which is completely false. I've had lip fillers, which is not a secret. All the people out there who think my face is fake, I appreciate the compliment, because there's nothing fake. I just learned how to contour and do good makeup. I've never had plastic surgery on my face."

Other rumors she said were false: WWE officials were unhappy with her in-ring work in 2018 while she was champion, and she and Mandy Rose had a real life rivalry after Money in the Bank 2019.

You can check out Carmella's full comments in the video above.

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