Orange Cassidy has been wrestling for over 15 years, but he got his first big break by joining AEW. It’s the first national promotion he’s worked for and now everyone can see his unique and controversial gimmick.

Some old-school wrestlers and fans detest Orange Cassidy and think he makes a joke out of pro wrestling while others love the gimmick and call it entertaining. Cody Rhodes is clearly part of the latter and he talked about AEW’s plans for the gimmick on Busted Open Radio.

“The Orange Cassidy fandom and hysteria ? which is beautiful and funny and everything to see ? it’s definitely something we’re gonna expand upon. The one thing I wanna avoid is people almost taking advantage of the fandom ? and this is a weird outlook on it ? but I think you know what I mean,” said Cody.

Quite often with indie wrestlers or indie promotions, people will become fans of things while it’s underground. But then when it hits the mainstream, they cool to that performer or promotion and Cody doesn’t want that to happen with Orange Cassidy.

“There have been things that happen organically and properly that have gotten over. Things that the fans themselves chose to love and somebody clings to it and rubs up to it and kinda dilutes your favorite band a little bit. That’s the navigation that has to be done with Orange Cassidy,” stated Cody. “He has to continue to take a bigger spotlight because there is so much more. The individual, Orange Cassidy, can go bell-to-bell and when he goes, it’s gonna be a really special night.

I love it up to this point. I know that Matt Jackson and Dana Massie have actively tried to hone in on merchandising because the fans want Orange Cassidy t-shirts and Orange Cassidy outfits ? the No. 1 outfit you see in the crowd. So, we’re gonna do everything we can to take care of Orange Cassidy.”

You can listen to Cody’s comments below. If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Busted Open with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.