As previously reported, Beth Phoenix was busted open early during the women’s Royal Rumble match on Sunday. Phoenix, who entered the ring at #19, remained in the match until she was tossed out by Shayna Baszler towards the end.

You can see the spot where Phoenix suffered the cut in the video below. Phoenix was fighting with Bianca Belair in the corner when Belair struck her in the chest. Phoenix tossed her head back to sell the blow, however she hit the back of her head on the post. You can see Belair immediately reacting to the spot and talking with Phoenix.

Phoenix’s husband Edge, who made his own return during the men’s Royal Rumble match, commented on his wife’s gutsy performance, tweeting, “My wife is a badass”

Natalya was also all praise for her former tag team partner. Natalya noted that Phoenix didn’t miss a beat and stated that she has never met anyone with “the grit” that she has.

“Despite the fact that my best friend @TheBethPhoenix got even w me tonight for how I eliminated her in the first ever women’s #RoyalRumble in 2018, there’s no woman I’ve ever met who has the grit that Beth has,” Natalya tweeted. “She was pouring blood tonight and she didn’t miss a beat. #IRONWOMAN”

You can check out the spot below, as well as the reactions from Edge and Natalya: