Memphis is getting lots of love from pro wrestling to kick off 2020 as SmackDown took place from there last week and AEW is visiting the city this week. During WWE’s trip to Memphis, they also recorded 205 Live where Ariya Daivari offered a tribute (or a shot) to The King of Memphis Wrestling, Jerry Lawler, by staging a fist drop from the second rope.

Lawler was asked about the spot when he joined Cerrito Live.

“Well, he took a little too long up there. I watched it and I never would give my opponent that much time to recover while he was lying there waiting for me to drop a fist on him,” said Lawler. “He took a little too long as a matter of fact he acted like he was wearing two straps. He was dropping two straps. Then by the time he finally dropped down on his opponent, the guy raised his feet up right in his face and it didn’t work out too well for him.”

The removing of the strap and second-rope fist drop didn’t work out in terms of functionality, but Lawler was still honored by the acknowledgement.

“Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” stated Lawler.

He was then asked about AEW’s upcoming show which is being billed as a tribute to the legends of Memphis Wrestling. Lawler won’t be on hand due to his WWE ties, but many greats will be there including “Handsome” Jimmy Valiant and The Rock & Roll Express.

“I have talked to some guys and I think they’re gonna have quite a few guys who were well known in Memphis,” Lawler said before rattling off the names of Memphis wrestlers who he knows will be on hand. “Dave Brown will be there. I talked to Dave and we have lunch every Thursday. Yeah, he’s gonna be there.”

While this will be a trip down nostalgia lane, Lawler thinks there is a more pertinent reason for AEW to bring out the Memphis legends.

“They’re looking to sell some tickets and pop the crowd,” stated Lawler. “I think a tribute to Memphis Wrestling is actually the last thing on their minds. They’re looking to sell some tickets and pop the crowd.”

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit Cerrito Live with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.