Kaitlyn Talks Issues During Her WWE Divas Title Reign, How Brief WWE Return In 2018 Happened

Celeste Bonin, formerly known as Kaitlyn, achieved stardom quickly after NXT season 3 when she won a Battle Royal to become the number one contender for the Divas Championship. She would eventually go on to defeat Eve to become Divas Champion. She sat down with Ring the Belle and talked about her Divas Title reign that some may say was disappointing even though it lasted for 153 days.

"I had an awesome run, but it was not as action-packed as I had hoped.

"I think like when I left it kind of like did die down a little bit and because Eve was a favorite," Kaitlyn said. "Also when I had the title, that's kind of when Total Divas got introduced, and it kind of overshadowed everything that was going on in the women's division."

Kaitlyn left WWE in 2014 and considered herself retired from the industry. She made her in-ring return in 2018 and later found herself back in WWE through the Mae Young Classic. She talked about what it was like to return to the WWE and what she had gone through to get back.

"I had gone through this really shi**y divorce and I was like, 'I love wrestling. Let me get back into it to feel like me again.' And because I was posting a lot of that on social media, somebody reached out and they were like, 'Hey, do you wanna be a part of this?' I started training really hard for it because I'm like, 'I'm not gonna go back and suck ass' and so, I train all summer for it," Kaitlyn said. "The thing is with WWE, if you are associated with them, it's such a huge commitment and I have a business and a ton of other stuff going on so, couldn't necessarily commit to a 300-day-a-year type of schedule.

"But to go back and do this one off, I think I was there for a week and doing press and all that stuff, which is cool to be back in that world again and it'd be on my terms."