On April 15, 2019, "The Southern Belle" Lacey Evans officially made her debut on the main roster. When Evans was told about this opportunity, Evans was taken aback. She couldn't believe all her hard work in NXT had finally paid off.

"I just couldn't believe it," Evans stated on WWE's The Bump. "It caught me sideways. I knew my whole life would change and that my family would be ok."

Fast forward six months later, Evans, along with Natalya, made headlines around the world, after it was announced that they were going to be part of a first-ever women's match in Saudi Arabia at Crown Jewel. Evans recalls how emotional she and Natalya were after their match and how inspired they were to open the doors for women everywhere.

"The thought of making history was just mind-blowing to me," Evans proclaimed. "Having Natalya across the ring from me meant the world to me, because she is the leader in the WWE as far as the females. It was just mind-blowing that not only were we opening doors for women all over the world-showing them what we were capable of, but it was bigger than us. She said it best when she said 'It's not about me, it's not about us, this is so much more.' I was just blessed not only to get the opportunity but to have the opportunity with Natalya because she is definitely a good person and good leader."

While speaking of those who changed the landscape of pro wrestling, Evans was asked to create her own Mt. Rushmore. Evans chose Nataya, Sara Amato, Alundra Blayze and herself.

"It would be Natalya, definitely," Evans began. "She is, like I said, a leader and role model. She's somebody who pushes you and supports you. Definitely, Sara Amato. She was a huge factor with not only my character, but my ability to be who I am. Growing up, I didn't watch this (the WWE), so, they pulled me from the pits of the trailer park. I came in with my boots up and I was expected to perform and entertain. She made sure I had what it took. Next, Alundra Blayze. She's just an outspoken, strong, and hardworking individual. She came in (to the Performance Center) kicking a**, taking names, telling us what to do, when to do it. She's just a strong woman. She's just unapologetically strong. As a mother raising a daughter, that's important. Lastly, myself. I'm selfless. I hold myself to such a high standard. Not only in wrestling, not only as an entertainer, not only as a mother, or a wife, but just as a human freaking being."

Evans also discusses her time in the Marine Core, how her upbringing inspired her to change, and much more. You can view her full interview here.

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