Former WWE United States Champion made a surprise return to WWE entering in at #12 in the 30-man Royal Rumble match this past Sunday.

MVP will reportedly be making a few appearances with WWE, and he competed against Rey Mysterio on Monday Night RAW. MVP reflected on his weekend with talking about what it has meant for him and his son.

“Miami will always be home, but my son was born in Houston. A lot of people were asking me, ‘are you excited about the Rumble?’ Of course, it’s the Rumble, but I was excited for different reasons,” MVP said. “My little man was there, and he’s a massive wrestling fan. For him to be able to experience daddy, as he calls it, daddy fighting in the WWE ring and hear MVP chants.”

MVP reflected on when he was his son’s age. He talked about seeing Dusty Rhodes wrestle at a show that his mom took him to.

“My mother took took me to the Miami Beach Convention Center when I was in the first grade, where my son is now, and I will always remember Dusty Rhodes,” MVP said. “I know I gave him something: a memory that will outlast me, and I’m thrilled about that.”

MVP wrestled on Monday Night RAW for the first time in nearly years. MVP wrestled Rey Mysterio, and he talked about the experience of coming back to RAW and wrestling someone he has known for a long time.

“A decade away, coming back to Monday Night RAW, there’s nothing like Monday Night RAW. It’s live, no safety net. You’re out there, [and] you don’t get any bigger than that,” MVP said. “I’ve wrestled Rey Mysterio so many times all around the world; the honor, the privilege. It’s WWE. To come back here after all this time and get in the flow right in the thick of things, and my son was watching tonight. Again, that just changes everything. He was watching daddy against Rey Mysterio. I know who he was rooting for, and Mark Henry was kind enough to give me a little gift to share with my son so we’re in a good space right now.”

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