With the recent partnership between WWE and BT Sport, Paige and serval other WWE Superstars headed to England last week to celebrate their newly established relationship. During her time there, Paige was interviewed by Seconds Out about coming back to her native country and how she misses it.

"It's good to be back here in England," Paige exclaimed. "I get to build my British accent again. My family jokes with me and says 'Oh, you're so American now, what happened to you?"

With BT Sport and WWE coming together, there still is no word on whether WWE Backstage will air in Europe. Paige reflects on how important it is for European fans to see the show, as well as her family, who have had a rough time seeing their daughter/sister co-host this weekly show.

"My dad is frustrated because he tells me he wants to watch it," Paige stated. " I do want [WWE Backstage] to be on British TV, because it's a good show, and we get to talk a lot of crap on it."

Paige discussed how influential CM Punk has been since his arrival on the show back in November, and how helpful he's been to her and the rest of the cast.

"He's so wonderful," Paige began. "I respect him. I didn't get to talk to him until he came back, which was a big surprise for me - I marked out. He's very respectful and he helps. He guides you, like when it comes to production meetings, he's like, 'Maybe, you can say this or that.'"

If you use any of the quotes in this article, please credit SecondsOut with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.