In a media session for Impact Wrestling, Rhyno spoke with media revealing that he is the godfather of the child of RAW play-by-play commentator Vic Joseph. Rhyno talked about how they got to meet and praised Joseph’s work ethic that got him to WWE.

“I don’t know if you guys know the commentator, Vic Joseph, from WWE? I’m his kid’s godfather. This is probably seven years ago now. He was in baseball. [He did a] really good job in baseball. [He] went to school in announcing and all that stuff, but his passion was in wrestling, and I [saw] that the guy would literally sit in his car for nine hours, one way, to drive to independent shows,” Rhyno said. “[He would] watch a show, pick my brain, and try to figure out the question he’s asking me on his own. We put together a five-year plan, and he signed with WWE. When I first met the guy, I didn’t like him. I thought he was a real a**hole.”

Rhyno talked about the advice he would give to younger people and how Joseph embodied that advice to him.

“This is what I always tell the younger generation: go to shows even if you’re not booked on it and you’re welcome there. Go to shows. Watch, learn and try to figure it out,” Rhyno said. “A show canceled. A buddy of mine was on a show in Ohio, and I’m like I’ll go there sell some gimmicks and they can announce me and just have fun. I’m not gonna make any money sitting at home, and it was a Saturday. Then here comes Vic hobbling in on crutches, he was in a car accident, and I literally go, ‘oh this f-ing guy again.’ I thought that to myself, so that’s when he said he do you mind if I sit with you and pick your brain and from that point on what if we never connected?”

Rhyno also brought up NXT ring announcer Alicia Taylor and how he helped her get a job at WWE.

“Alicia Taylor, she’s the ring announcer for NXT. She went to a show that I was on. She was friends with a wrestler, Jake Something, and I just talked, really good conversation. We became friends, and then I knew she would interview wrestlers and all that stuff,” Rhyno said. “Finally, I go, ‘you ever think about doing backstage and stuff?’ I knew she had a good attitude. She’s a hard worker. She didn’t drink. She didn’t do drugs. She was very aggressive as far as putting something out there, a product, doing a great job. Next thing you know, it got the ball rolling, and I don’t take credit for them being employed. It’s time [and] doing the work. [It was all about] giving them the advice, figuring out if it was right for them and putting the wheels in motion.”

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