Last week, CM Punk found himself in the midst of controversy after sending out a profanity-laced tweet about The Miz after he made comments about Punk on WWE Backstage. After The Miz mocked Punk’s comment about “changing the culture” in a video posted on the WWE on FOX Twitter account, Punk tweeted, “Go suck a blood money covered d–k in Saudi Arabia you f–king dork”

Ryback talked about the situation with Wrestling Inc’s Raj Giri on his Conversation with the Big Guy Ryback podcast.

“Miz talks and he’s just entertaining even off the air. That’s just how he always is unless you talk to him and there’s no cameras around [then] he’s at least different, much more calm and mild mannered. But when there’s cameras around, he’s The Miz, and he’s very good at being The Miz,” Ryback said. “I can already picture him just trying to get a laugh, be sarcastic with everybody. That’s not even bad.”

He also talked about the situation through the Punk angle.

“For Punk to go out publicly and say that, clearly Fox wasn’t happy with it. Clearly Punk does what people tell him to do, so you’ve got to think about that before you put that kind of stuff out if you’re working with other people like that,” Ryback said. “In all fairness, Punk took his shots at people on the roster left and right when he’s on the show. That’s pro wrestling. Seems like he was a little offended about Miz’s comment. Seems like Phil may be rusty at the pro wrestling thing. A little sensitive. I don’t know.”

Punk’s last appearance on WWE Backstage was in early December. His next appearance on the show will be next week.

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