Last week’s episode of Smackdown on FOX saw Carmella win a Fatal 4-Way main event to become the number one contender to the Smackdown Women’s Championship. Carmella vs. Bayley for the title is set for Smackdown tonight. To commemorate Valentine’s Day, Corey Graves had Carmella, his girlfriend, on After The Bell to talk about the significance of the match, and when she found out about it.

“Well it’s crazy to think that four years ago, Bayley and I have only had one match together. That was in NXT and that was for the title. I had only been wrestling at the time for maybe two years. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing, not like I know any more now,” Carmella said. “Where I’m at now, I’ve been a champion, I’ve been Miss Money in the Bank [and] I’ve done so many things in my career now, and I don’t know what’s going on with her. You know how close I was with her. We’re like best friends.

“I’m just excited having this opportunity, and apparently it’s gonna happen [tonight] which I just found out [on Monday night], so I’m ready; I’m excited, and I’m ready to become two-time Smackdown Women’s Champion.”

Graves confirmed that he and Carmella found out about the announcement of the match while watching RAW together. Carmella said she hoped that the match would be on a bigger show but is still focused on being a champion again.

“That’s why we’re forced to have Twitter because you actually found out about the match while we were sitting on the couch during RAW,” Graves said. “You’re having a title match this Friday.

“I was like what the hell? I had no idea that it was going to be this soon. I was hopefully waiting for a bigger stage,” Carmella said. “Maybe a pay per view. Maybe Super Showdown. Maybe WrestleMania. I don’t know. Now it’s gonna be this Friday. I’m gonna be ready for it.”

Graves and Carmella also discussed more of about their personal lives. Otis also made an appearance on After The Bell talking about tagging with Tucker and his storyline with Mandy Rose. You can listen to the full podcast by clicking here. If you use any quotes in this article, please credit WWE’s After The Bell with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.