After being named ROH’s Breakout Star of the Year in 2018, Flip Gordon had a rocky 2019 due to injuries. He talked about how he’s holding up physically when he joined The Wrestling Inc Daily.

“I feel probably the best I ever have. My knees are 100 percent and my elbow is feeling the best it’s felt since the injury,” revealed Gordon. “It’s not at 100 percent yet ? probably at 99.9 ? but I’m ready to go. This year is gonna be the biggest year in pro wrestling and I can’t miss out. So, I’m gonna stay healthy and do my best to make this the biggest year possible.”

Gordon is one of ROH’s most-tenured members following recent departures and he discussed how he’s feeling with his spot within ROH in 2020.

“I’m feeling great and I’m in a really good position. Obviously there’s a void at the top and with me coming back, I wanna be in a position to fill that void. With Marty re-signing, obviously that’s huge as Villain Enterprises’ stock is going through the roof. We have the biggest financial backing now in the history of Villain Enterprises and in the history of ROH. It’s gonna be a big year,” said Gordon.

There’s been talk of ROH landing a weekly TV spot at some point this year just as AEW did in 2019. Gordon was asked of that possibility and how he would personally benefit from it.

“It would be awesome not only for the fact that we’d be on the same level of everyone else with live TV, but it would also give us more content as we would have to go weekly which means we’d be guaranteed four shows every month. For someone like myself who just wants to wrestle more, I’d be on board for that especially if we had a bigger show or a couple of house shows on the weekend. The more the merrier,” stated Gordon who was then asked if he gets frustrated with not being able to work as often as he’d like.

“Not really because I keep myself busy with other projects. I’ve been doing internationals. Last year I slowed down a bit because of the injuries. I wanted to make sure I was good to go for this new year. With international, ROH and all of the shows we have coming up, I’ve gonna be fairly busy. So, it’s gonna be awesome.”

Some longtime ROH fans were critical of the product they saw in 2019 as it didn’t meet their expectations. Gordon was asked about the fans’ criticisms and if they were warranted.

“I think wrestling fans are hard on every company right now. Fans are very passionate and very vocal. But ROH entered into a new era and new phase, not just a new decade. There is a new feeling about it and the locker room is more motivated than I’ve ever seen before. The morale is higher than I’ve ever seen before. When I say it’s gonna be a great year, you guys have no idea,” teased Gordon.

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