- Above is WWE's latest Top 10 featuring the greatest returns from injury. The group included Batista (2009), Nikki Bella (2016), Daniel Bryan (2018), and Edge (2020).

- Speaking of Edge, Natalya wrote another column for the Calgary Sun, focusing on the Rated R Superstar's return to WWE. Below is an except:

"I don't think anyone was more excited or nervous than Beth, who told me backstage, 'Adam is more ready for this than anything else in his life. He's worked so incredibly hard to get back here. I'm so happy for him and so proud of him in every way.'

"No one wanted to miss this moment, because we all knew it was about more than just wrestling or a performance. This return for Edge was about hope and finding a way back to your dreams. I was so grateful I could be there when over 40,000 screaming fans in Houston erupted at Minute Maid Park for Edge, who has been a friend of mine since my very first year in WWE. He's also been a close friend of the Hart family since he first made his debut in WWE in 1998.

"Adam has always been someone I can turn to for advice or guidance whenever I need it. When I competed in the first women's ladder match in WWE, it was Adam who I called to ask for help. I knew no one else had experience like Adam with that kind of a match, and he gave me so much advice."

- William Regal was at last night's NJPW New Beginning USA: Atlanta show to visit with some old friends: Yuji Nagata and Satoshi Kojima.

"I had the great pleasure to see my very good friend and training partner for 17 tours of @njpwglobal from '94-'97 @nagata769 in Atlanta tonight. It's rare you get 26 years of true friendship," Regal wrote of Nagata.

"It was lovely to see my old friend since 1995 @cozy_lariat in Atlanta. A lovely man and a true pro. Before anyone wants to make more out of this than it was it was just old friends and Pro's seeing each other," Regal said about Kojima.