Joey Janela On Why AEW Stars Were Pulled From WrestleCon, Tony Khan Making AEW More Edgy

AEW has found its niche over the last few weeks as it has also maintained a ratings lead over NXT. Joey Janela joined The Wrestling Inc. Daily to talk about who in AEW has stepped up as a creative leader backstage.

"I just think Tony [Khan]? he's very smart. You can ask him anything about wrestling and he'll have an answer for the question. He's like a walking almanac of pro wrestling and was a big ECW guy," stated Janela. "That's why I think a lot of this AEW stuff has an edge to it. I think he's stepped up and taken the ball. But I don't know anything about creative as I have nothing to do it and I'm just told to do what I do and that's it."

Janela then discussed any changes that have happened with AEW creative since the beginning of 2020.

"A lot was in different directions. I think there is more control and they've found their rhythm and flow. You're not gonna find your rhythm and flow right away ? it's not their fault ? they're just trying to find their footing. This week was only Episode 20? The last three weeks have been phenomenal on TV. So, all the momentum is leading to the PPV," said Janela.

Last week it was reported that AEW had pulled some talents like Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara from WrestleCon over WrestleMania Weekend. Janela discussed the reason for the move.

"On behalf of AEW, they've gotta do Philadelphia Comic-Con. That's who was requested. If you're gonna put anyone on a Comic-Con from AEW, I'm gonna put Darby Allin there," stated Janela. "He's over and we always knew he was gonna be over no matter where he went. He's not only gifted in the ring but he's gifted in every aspect. He's gonna be a huge deal and we already know that. He's a made man."

A made man is often immortalized with his own action figure and Janela was asked if he, himself, will be getting one pretty soon.

"Who knows? If I don't get fired by then. I can't make any promises. I hope, that would be awesome. I actually talked to the action figure guy and he said they don't know what hairstyle to do for me first. So, it's in the works," revealed Janela.

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